Fallowfield Formulas

We have developed some of our very own formulas to treat a variety of conditions.  Our line of Fallowfield Formulas (FF) is expanding every day.  If your doctor has prescribed any of the following compounds then we can prepare them for you.  We will also work with your doctor to develop a custom formula to meet your needs. (Physicians can ask us for access to our physicians-only section to find more details on the Fallowfield Formulas & other compounds).

Fallowfield Wart Buster or Fallowfield Pediatric Wart Solution

Fallowfield Basic “N” Fissure or Fallowfield Basic “D” Fissure

Fallowfield Fissure Pain

Fallowfield Advanced “N” Fissure or Fallowfield Advanced “D” Fissure

Fallowfield Rectal Rocket

Lansoprazole CMC Flavoured

Ranitidine (Peppermint-Free)

Fallowfield APNO Plus

Fallowfield Diaper Rash Ointment

Fallowfield KO Pain cream or Fallowfield KO Muscle & Pain

Fallowfield Active Zoster or Fallowfield Neuro Pain

Fallowfield Marathon Cream

Fallowfield Cold Sore Triple or Fallowfield Cold Sore Basic or Fallowfield Cold Sore OTC

Fallowfield Moisturizer Shea Lip Balm (OTC)

Fallowfield Basic Itch Cream or Fallowfield Cortico Itch Cream

Fallowfield Bug Bite Gel (OTC)

Fallowfield Eucerin Emollient (OTC)

Fallowfield Heel Balm (OTC)

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