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Find us on FacebookOur blog will regularly feature some of the fun & interesting things we are making in the compounding lab to give people a sense of the possibilities with compounding.  When you are in the pharmacy, come take a look through the windows into the lab.  We even have steps so our youngest patients can watch when we flavour their medications.  Like us on Facebook.


Vitamin B2 for Migraines
Did you know that Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 400mg daily has been used to prevent migraines? We make a 400mg capsule of Riboflavin that is free of any fillers & additives. It's bright orange colour is the natural colour of pure Riboflavin. Ask our pharmacist if these may reduce the frequency of your migraines. Studies, including a randomized controlled trial...
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On the topic of pain....
How would you like to treat your pain in 7 days or less with just one capsule taken once a day? That's Sisu 7's claim to fame! ...
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Ask Us About Pain Relief Compounds
Joint and muscle pain sufferers, have you ever asked your compounding pharmacist to come up with a formula made for YOUR specific type of pain? We make a number of pain creams using ingredients best suited to target different types of pain and their appropriate receptors. These may include, but are not limited to: anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants, anesthetics, and nerve pain reducers. We can discuss the options with your physician and develop a pain cream that best fits your individual needs....
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Give your legs a boost with the Circulation Booster!
Yes! We have Circulation Boosters back in stock!

It's all over the TV these days: it seems like you can't sit down to watch the news without seeing a commercial for the Circulation Booster. Guy Lafleur sits on the edge of his couch, pants rolled up, with a big smile on his face as he touts the benefits of Revitive's Circulation Booster.

If you haven't seen the commercials, you might be asking "what is the Circulation Booster?" ...
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We are making Phenazopyridine 200mg capsules today
Since the commercial products (Pyridium© and Phenazo©) have been discontinued, we are able to make capsules from the pure powder. We always try to have some pre-made capsules on hand so we can immediately fill prescriptions for acute cases. Patients are very relieved to know that they can take these while they wait for Macrobid©, Septra©, Noroxin© or Cipro© XL to start working.
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We've gone Gluten-Free!
For those seeking gluten-free options, we're happy to announce the addition of gluten-free food products here at Fallowfield Pharmasave. We've prepared a wide selection of products, including easy-to-prepare mixes from Bob's Red Mill, scrumptious cookies from Pasty Pie and our best-selling Way Better tortilla chips (the sweet potato chips fly off the shelf!). From Nature's Path breakfast cereals to Go-Go Quinoa dishes, our variety of offerings should suit any palate.

Best of all, we keep it all together in a convenient section: no more searching all over the grocery store like a bad hide-and-seek game! Are there products you'd like to see us add? Let us know!
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We are making our fissure ointment today
An anal fissure is a small split or tear in the thin tissue lining the lower rectum (anus). Common symptoms may include: blood in the stool (feces) and toilet paper, itching, and pain during and after a bowel movement. We have adapted our common basic formulas to add a couple of additional agents for lesion healing, thus making it our “Fallowfield Advanced Formula”. All of our formulas contain ingredients designed to relieve pain, muscle spasms, and promote closure of the tear....
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We are making our Fallowfield Cold Sore Lip Balm.
At Fallowfield Pharmasave, we have come up with an Over-the-Counter cold sore lip balm with an anti-viral that can be used to treat and prevent cold sores. We chose a lip balm because it is more discreet and less messy than a cream or an ointment. Because sun exposure can be a trigger for cold sores, we have added a sunscreen to the moisturizing shea butter lip balm. We have also included an ingredient for pain. Also ask us about our prescription strength versions....
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We are making our custom wart treatment
We make a prescription wart gel with three ingredients aimed at treating plantar warts. We turned our solution into a gel so it would be less runny & less messy than a liquid when applied with our brush applicator. The prescribing physicians have been pleased with the results they have seen and have continued to prescribe it. We can work with your physician to determine who might benefit from this formulation.
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Dental Triple Anesthetic Gel
Do you have a fear of going to the dentist? We can help. Our new triple action, immediate acting, creme de menthe flavoured dental gel will ease the pain of dental procedures, including needles.
This can also be used for any type of mouth sore including cankers and cold sores. It is available without a prescription, over the counter, at our Fallowfield location. For all of our dentist readers, consider adding this to your everyday practice to make your patients that much more comfortable.
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Race recovery day for you “No Pain-No Gain” runners
Congratulations to all participants in the Ottawa Race Weekend! Our home health care manager, Chris, has plantar fasciitis sleeves, braces, wraps & kinesio tapes for your aching knees & ankles. Bring your race bib for 10% off your OTC race recovery purchase. We have OTC transdermal pain creams & muscle relaxant rubs. We can also work with your doctor to prescribe a stronger transdermal pain cream, a muscle rub or something for plantar fasciitis. You achieved your goal this weekend, now let’s deal with the post-race pain!
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Do these Rockets look familiar?
These Rockets won't numb your tongue but may numb your bum! These Rectal Rockets, as the name may suggest, are uniquely shaped suppositories used to treat external and internal hemorrhoids. The shape results in prolonged contact time overnight and treatment can be as short as 2-3 days. (We had some summer fun with these, they are usually all white)....and remember, these are non-returnable!
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